Friends & Family Referral Program

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Find out how you can earn $10 for each new member you refer to us!





If you love telling your friends and family about Build a Menu, you’re going to love what we’ve got in store for you!


Our Friends & Family referral program is our way of giving back to our members who are helping us grow. It’s very easy to participate and you’ll have the option of keeping the cash for yourself or donating to any person or organization you’d like!


How does it work?

Current members of Build a Menu (including those with a 2 week free trial membership) have access to a referral link in their account. Simply share that link with others and when they sign up for a Build a Menu membership, you’ll earn either a $4 or $10 commission. That’s it! Easy, peasy.


How much can I make?

During our special Friends & Family sales, we’ll offer our 12 month Premium Plan membership for only $40 when a designated coupon is used. You will receive $10 for each referral made during that sale. F&F sales may happen as often as four times a year and we’ll send out notices ahead of time that it’s coming.


That’s not the only time you can earn commission, though! Throughout the rest of the year, you’ll continue to earn a $4 commission for any new members who sign up using your referral link. This includes both our Classic and Premium one, three or 12 month plans.


Where can I find my Friends & Family Referral Link

You can find your referral link by logging in to Build a Menu and going to “My Account” page. Just hover over the link to copy it.


How are referrals added to my account?

Referrals are made using cookies and each cookie is good for six months, unless the person who clicked on it clears the cookies in their browser before six months is up. That means anyone who joins BAM within six months of clicking on your referral link will be credited to your account.


I told/meant to tell my friend or family member about BAM, but they signed up without using my referral code.

While we are so grateful and thank you very much for the referral, we are not able to retro credit any member who doesn’t use a referral link when signing up.


How can I see if anyone has signed up using my referral link?

Easy! We’ve kept our reporting system very simple, so all you have to do is go to “My account” page and click on the link under “Friends And Family Referral Affiliate Tools.” You’ll be able to search by specific sales events as well as by dates.


I had a referral, but I no longer see them on my list. What happened to them?

We have a 30 day happiness guarantee that we proudly offer each new member. Although it’s not often members cancel within the first month, if one of your referrals does and requests their money back, no commission can be paid on that sale. (Obviously, we can’t pay out from what we didn’t actually make, right?) If you see a name on your referral list that disappears within the first month, that’s the reason why.


When will I get paid for my referrals?

Payouts happen quarterly via PayPal. This is the only option we offer for payouts and you’ll need to have a valid PayPal email entered in your Build a Menu account prior to payout time. You’ll be sent a reminder email before each quarterly payout to be sure you’re up to date and ready to get paid.


Can I donate my commission? 

You bet! Payouts can be made to any valid PayPal address and we’ll update you ahead of time with how much you’ll be receiving. Want to bless a friend in need this quarter? How about donate to your favorite charity or a current GoFundMe you’re aware of? Simply enter their PayPal address on your account page before the next payout and we’ll take it from there. Truthfully, we’re super excited about this option and can’t wait to see who all we’re able to bless with this feature, but it’s also completely fine to bless yourself. You’re worth it, too!


Do you need anything other than my PayPal address?

Not yet, however we will keep track of your annual commissions and if the total amount exceeds $600, we will send you a link to complete a W-2 before anymore payments can be made. No need to do it before then.


I’d like to tell others about BAM, but I’m not sure what to say or how to even go about doing it. Can you help?

We totally understand. Sometimes we all get a little tongue tied and need help figuring out how to say what we mean. As they say, honesty is always the bet policy, so simply sharing how BAM works for you is what most people actually want to hear. Has it saved you money on groceries? How about time? Do you love the custom shopping lists we provide? Has it helped you come up with ideas for meals when you were previously in a rut? Speak from the heart and your people will listen.The easiest way to tell others about BAM is to share one of our graphics on our Facebook page (we’ll provide the daily during a sale), add a quick testimonial about why you think they should check it out and give your referral link for them to use. Once they’re on our site, we’ll take it from there!


I want to participate, but still have questions. Who can I talk to?

Where happy to help. Simply use the contact form at the bottom of this page to let us know what you need and we'll get right back with you. We look forward to hearing from you!


Thank you for partnering with us!


Lisa & Karee
The Build a Menu Gals